BITBOT: A 200x token welcoming the world’s first self-custodial trading bot



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Bitbot presale has generated optimism with its security features and perks.
The presale occurs in 15 stages, marked by persistent price increases.
The token could claim a 200X gain after listing in Q2 2024.

The era of Telegram trading bots has dawned. One project that has quickly captured attention is Bitbot, the first self-custodial trading bot on Telegram. Since launching a presale a few weeks ago, the market frenzy has driven purchases to nearly $1 million. For a token still on stage 5, there is much to expect through to the last stage. This comes amid expectations that this token could follow its predecessors and claim a 200x surge. But is $BITBOT worth your investment? Let’s find out.

Bitbot: A unique investment opportunity in the DEX bot trading sector

Since the advent of Telegram trading bots, investors have been treated to a roller coaster. Existing tokens made instant hits at launch, generating massive returns. Conversely, constant hacks have dealt a blow to the sector. 

However, what has been noticeable is the rapid uptake and popularity of trading bots. Per the analytics platform Dune, the cumulative trading volumes on the DEX bot sector are past $8.4 million. This signifies huge potential for projects that address key investors’ concerns. Bitbot has uniquely positioned itself for this role, quickly gaining suitors and attracting investments. 

The key selling proposition of Bitbot is the self-custodial features, which are lacking among its rivals. This has excited investors about owning their private keys and exercising complete control over their funds. It means investors’ funds remain safe even when the platform is compromised. As 2023 exploits of Unibot and Banana Gun trading bots underlined, the private key feature was long overdue. 

Aside from the self-custodial features, Bitbot’s market frenzy has been generated by its security enhancements. The platform is reinforced with Knightsafe security protocols, mitigating counterparty risks and hacks. This has uniquely placed Bitbot as a market disruptor in the bot trading sector, attracting massive speculations.

How attractive is Bitbot investment?

Besides its security features, Bitbot is a highly convenient platform with numerous perks for investors. Like other Telegram trading bots, investors can trade with lightning-quick executions through the app. 

A deal sweetener is an institutional-grade technology that has quickly gained retail investors’ attention. This is where Bitbot users access cutting-edge technology and resources to succeed in trading. The inclusion of resources previously accessible to institutional players makes it easy for smaller investors.

Bitbot is also perks-packed, boasting features such as revenue shares, airdrops, and lifetime referral rewards. Under the revenue share program, Bitbot token holders are rewarded with up to 50% platform fee earnings. Investors also get electrifying airdrops and up to 15% of fees earned on their referrals.

Investors new to trading also benefit from Bitbot’s copy trading feature. They can imitate trades from their experienced peers for faster market entry and learning. Aside from this attractive feature, Bitbot holders have first-hand access to upcoming presale tokens. This is enabled through a snipe function that scans for presale opportunities, allowing timely investments.

Can Bitbot token rise 200X?

Very few tokens get a chance to rise 200x, and BITBOT has endeared itself for the prize. A quick presale and being the first self-custodial trading bot make the prediction realistic. As market speculation grows ahead of listing in Q2, BITBOT could debut with a frenzy and become a top gainer.

To put it into perspective, Unibot, another popular trading bot, surged more than 200x when it launched. With the more advanced features of Bitbot, similar and higher gains are likely to be hit and exceeded. 

2024 is also shaping up to be a bullish year for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has set the trend, boosted by the spot ETFs and halving event. Thus, BITBOT debuts when the level of optimism in the sector is growing. As a result, the token could skyrocket as investors capitalise on the launch during the bull market. 

Bitbot presale occurs in 15 stages, meaning that listing is around the corner. While the token is currently in stage 5, the BITBOT price rises at each stage. That makes it attractive to buy in the earlier stages before the price rises.

Investors can purchase $BITBOT in presale at the official website page.


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