‘Cinematic’ Space Combat Game Nova Frontier X Counts Down to NFT Launch



New mobile game Nova Frontier X is counting down to lift-off as its spaceship NFTs go on sale from April 16th.

Offering a blend of third-person space combat and strategic base management, the game sees players jump into the cockpit of a space fighter to battle humans, rogue AI and mysterious aliens in the hunt for Dark Nova Crystals.

“We wanted this to be cinematic,” said Tipsy, pseudonymous founder and CEO of the game’s developer The Tipsy Company, on the latest episode of Rug Radio’s FOMO Hour. With spaceships wheeling and dodging in fast-paced battles through asteroid fields and around ringworlds, Nova Frontier X certainly looks like it belongs on the big screen.

“Building a game with this level of graphics for mobile is on another different playing field,” Tipsy said, showing off one of the game’s ships. “You can just think about how this is going to look and feel like when you get your hands piloting one of these.”

Nova Frontier X is designed to appeal to seasoned Web3 gamers and NFT neophytes alike, Tipsy explained. “A Web3 game should just be as fun, it should just be as easy to play as any other traditional mobile game out there,” he said. He explained that Nova Frontier X players can dive in and start battling without needing to set up a crypto wallet, with “zero restrictions.”

On downloading the game, he said, “you create an account with usual credentials, username, password, email address, zero wallet connection. If you want to connect your wallet to amplify your gaming experience, you do that on the web app that we’ll be launching. If you don’t want to connect your wallet, no big deal.”

Image: Nova Frontier X

For those who want to embrace the game’s Web3 component, Nova Frontier X features a collection of 9,999 NFT spaceships, each with their own array of weapons, defenses and health stats. “You want to stand out, have an edge,” said Tipsy, who noted that the ships offer improved stats and attack/defence capabilities, as well as offering players “something that looks cool—I think that means a lot to a lot of players.”

He added that Nova Frontier X is not a pay-to-win game, pointing out that, “You can have the best ship out there, but you need to be able to pilot it, you need to be able to control it with micro level precision.”

Nova Frontier X’s NFT ships will be available starting at $200, thanks to a 50% off early bird offer—but players will have to move fast, with just 9,999 NFTs available and over 100,000 users having signed up for the game’s waitlist so far.

With that many players duking it out in the depths of space, Tipsy joked, “We’re all going to be little Elon Musks, aren’t we?”

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