Early $BTC Millionaire Erik Finman Says GameFi Will Drive This Bull Market, as $GFOX Stands to Lead the Pack



Markets are firmly within bull territory, and everybody has an opinion on the top crypto to invest in. Remember some opinions hold more weight than others! An early investor, Erik Finman, has already begun targeting this cycle’s ‘$BTC.’

Following his Bitcoin ($BTC) success, what’s the next cryptocurrency target for Erik Finman? Why does his opinion matter? 

Erik Finman: The Bitcoin Investor Who Didn’t Need $BTC 

Erik Finman is a fascinating case of the newly rich crypto class. Like many others, he heard about Bitcoin early (2011) and invested $1,000 that his grandmother had gifted him. 

$BTC was trading at $12 back then, and his holdings (401 $BTC) are now easily worth seven figures. But the intriguing thing about Erik Finman is that he would likely still be rich even without his early $BTC investment. In 2013, he cashed out some of his profits to bootstrap an online education company called Botangle.

He had struggled with school, leading to him being homeschooled. He’s now planning to create a new university in Dubai, and this tech-friendly start-up wizkid believes crypto is the future. This bright mind would have created money from somewhere; it just so happened that he found crypto first.

Finman is different from most of the newly crypto wealthy. Instead of stumbling across $BTC by accident, he’s a driven and terrifically smart individual. That is why his opinion holds weight, and he believes that GameFi will dominate this cycle. He has reportedly advised tokens with solid deflationary tokenomics, a system for onboarding new users, and an addictive game. 

Could Galaxy Fox benefit from the forecast growth for GameFi? Is $GFOX set to become one of the best GameFi crypto to invest in this cycle?

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Leading the Next Generation 

Galaxy Fox has caught the attention of experts and traders following its enormous run-up during its presale. Funding continues flowing in, and it has shot past $1 million. There is evident market demand to get into this presale as early as possible, and analysts are suggesting that Galaxy Fox could be one of the best cryptocurrency to buy now. But why?

This play-to-earn token does the basics well. An addictive runner game lets players compete globally, and those skilled enough to finish the season in the top 20% earn prizes exchangeable for $GFOX tokens. But where Galaxy Fox really shines is passive income.

An ongoing token burn locks in value for all holders twenty four seven by removing tokens from circulation. The lack of tokens on the open market drives scarcity, and staking rewards allow users to earn yield on this deflationary asset! Staking rewards are funded by buy and sell taxes, a unique payout mechanism that means no dilution for early holders!

Presale participants will be the first eligible to stake, and this heavy weighting in favor of early participants makes the Galaxy Fox ICO attractive to all early stage buyers.

Boasting an NFT marketplace, a Treasury that funds marketing efforts to onboard new users, and a killer set of tokenomics, $GFOX is looks poised to dominate.

Closing Thoughts:

Following Bitcoin success, Erik Finman has diversified his investment into other cryptocurrencies. The crypto investor is also bullish on GameFi. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Fox token could stand out among the top GameFi/memecoin ecosystem. The project is currently in presale, and getting in early could potentially turn into a significant bargain by the time it lauches across the market. With crypto set to herald a new bull market, $GFOX could end up as one of the top crypto to invest in today.


Learn more about $GFOX here:

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