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13 Best Crypto News Podcasts in 2023



Jun 5, 2023

There’s no doubt that the crypto world is a fast-moving one, with numerous projects being launched and countless pieces of news populating Twitter. Staying ahead of this industry and keeping current with its happenings may be difficult and time-consuming for some. Luckily, podcasts keep users up-to-date, compressing all the latest news and project launches into a short roundup and making it convenient for people to listen on the move.

Within the crypto industry, there are multiple podcasts that cater to different audiences, featuring a suite of content such as interviews, summaries of market happenings and even market analyses. 

Here are 13 of the best crypto podcasts where you can access the latest crypto-related news and learn about the crypto industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • A crypto podcast enables you to stay current with market events, as it compresses all the latest news and project launches into a short, convenient summary for listeners on the move.
  • There are different crypto podcasts, ranging from interviews to summaries of market happenings and even market analyses.
  • Some top crypto podcasts include Empire, 0xResearch, Bankless and Unchained.

Best Crypto Podcasts


Produced by BlockworksEmpire is hosted by Jason Yanowitz, founder of Blockworks, and Santiago Roel Santos. Santos was a partner at ParaFi Capital, an OG crypto investment and technology firm founded in 2018, and is particularly known for his early investments in protocols including AaveSynthetixThe Graph and many others.

Empire often invites top crypto founders to discuss their road maps and the verticals they’re building, giving crypto enthusiasts insights into the protocol’s future development. In addition, Yanowitz and Santos also have “roundup” episodes in which they update listeners on market happenings and analyze the impacts of such cryptocurrency news.

You can find Empire on Spotify.


0xResearch is hosted by Dan Smith and Sam Martin, both seasoned crypto analysts from the Blockworks Research team. 

This podcast is more technical in nature, with a focus on analyzing protocol developments by inviting protocol founders on as guests and identifying new narratives through the latest research. At the start of each episode, the hosts invite research analysts from Blockworks Research to share their “hot seat, cool throne,” where they highlight key market news.

You can find 0xResearch on Spotify.

Bell Curve

Bell Curve is hosted by Jason Yanowitz and Mike Ippolito from Blockworks. It caters to more experienced crypto participants.

Each season of Bell Curve focuses on a particular thesis as the team invites builders of related products, as well as experts in the vertical, to explore and test the thesis. The topics chosen are relatively technical, compared to other podcasts, with this season offering significant coverage on maximal extractable value (MEV).

You can find Bell Curve on Spotify.


Hosted by Ryan Sean Adams and David HoffmanBankless aims to help people onboard into crypto through their decentralized autonomous organizationBanklessDAO, which focuses heavily on producing educational materials for beginners. The Bankless podcast is versatile, covering a wide range of topics such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), SocialFi, GameFi and many others.

You can find Bankless on Spotify.


Unchained is hosted by Laura Shin, a former senior editor at Forbes. Shin is extremely well-versed with the crypto scene, having covered the space since 2013. 

The Unchained podcast is always an insightful one, with Shin interviewing some of the most influential figures in the crypto space every week. She’s best known for her sharp questions and critical analysis of the topics being covered.

You can find Unchained on Spotify.

The Delphi Podcast

Hosted by Tom Shaughnessy, co-founder and co-lead of Delphi Ventures, The Delphi Podcast introduces guests of different profiles, ranging from protocol founders to seasoned investors, such as Santos. Shaughnessy picks guests’ brains to give listeners insights into how his guests think about what they’re building, as well as the larger crypto market.

You can find The Delphi Podcast on Spotify.


1000x is hosted by Avi Felman and Jonah Van Bourg. Felman, a seasoned investor and trader, is Head of Digital Asset Trading at GoldenTree Asset Management, while Bourg is the Global Head of Trading at Cumberland

This podcast is investment-centric. Felman and Bourg dive deep into the crypto market’s macro and micro factors, evaluating the market and its potential price developments. Listeners who trade frequently, and are keen on understanding the market from a financial perspective, will love 1000x.

You can find 1000x on Spotify.

The Blockcrunch Podcast

The Blockcrunch Podcast is hosted by Jason Choi, previously General Partner at The Spartan Group, and currently founder of Tangent, a web3 angel fund that’s run by experienced crypto founders.

Blockcrunch covers a wider suite of topics across market news and also new protocol launches, giving listeners insights as to how Choi evaluates the market and protocols.

You can find Blockcrunch on Spotify.

The Defiant – DeFi Podcast

The Defiant is a DeFi podcast hosted by Camila Russo. Listeners can count on The Defiant to keep current with the latest developments in the crypto space. Despite the podcast’s name, the themes covered aren’t limited to DeFi and span topics including infrastructure and other verticals.

You can find The Defiant – DeFi Podcast here.

Markets Daily Crypto Roundup

The Markets Daily Crypto Roundup is hosted by CoinDesk editor Adam B. Levine and associate producer Adrian Blust. 

If you’re short on time, this is the podcast to go for. It gives a daily rundown of crypto market happenings within a short 30-minute span.

You can find the Markets Daily Crypto Roundup on Spotify.

web3 with a16z crypto

web3 with a16z is a crypto podcast hosted by Sonal Chokshi and produced by Andreessen Horowitz, better known as a16z, one of the most well-known venture capital firms.

This podcast brings on experts within each vertical to discuss specific topics in crypto. Given that it is produced by a16z, the sessions usually have an investing aspect to it, something that distinguishes it from other podcasts.

You can find Web3 with a16z crypto on Spotify.

The Daily Gwei

Hosted by Anthony SassanoThe Daily Gwei is an Ethereum-centric podcast that updates users every one to two days with what’s going on in the Ethereum ecosystem. The regularity of this podcast is perfect, given the speed of developments on Ethereum, along with the mammoth number of applications built on it.

You can find The Daily Gwei on Spotify.

On the Margin

On the Margin is hosted by Michael Ippolito from Blockworks.

On the Margin is distinctly different from all the aforementioned podcasts, as it focuses on the macro industry and how it affects the crypto market. This is definitely refreshing, and helps crypto investors and participants alike keep updated of macro happenings.

You can find On the Margin on Spotify.


There are a plethora of crypto podcasts covering different topics, bringing differing views to listeners. The list above will help you find the podcasts most suitable for you, depending on your level of technical knowledge and preference regarding various crypto topics.