Pudgy Penguins Reveal ‘Pudgy World’ NFT Game Rollout Plans



Pudgy Penguins, the Ethereum NFT profile picture (PFP) collection first launched in July 2021, has unveiled a trailer at Art Basel in Miami for its 3D browser game experience, dubbed Pudgy World, which is slated to launch in alpha sometime in 2024.

After controversy surrounding its original owner led to a buyout and change in leadership last year, Pudgy Penguins appointed an executive advisory board, raised $9 million in funding, stocked plush penguin toys in over 2,000 U.S. Walmart stores and Hot Topic locations, and has posted viral videos with millions of views across its social media channels. 

Now, Pudgy Penguin fans can take their first steps onto the ice in Pudgy World’s lobby. When it fully releases, Pudgy Penguin NFT holders as well as plush toy owners will be able to adopt a virtual likeness of their collectibles as a 3D character in the world. 

Pudgy World will also be free-to-play, however, so gamers can hop into Pudgy World, choose whether to buy traits to customize their own characters, and “embark on a story-driven journey,” according to a statement.

The story of Pudgy World will follow two penguins, Pudgy and Peaches, as they embark on as-yet-unrevealed adventures.

“The alpha launch of Pudgy World is a massive step forward for the Web3 and NFT space because Pudgy Penguin owners will be playing with their Pudgy Toys, without any pre-existing knowledge of the blockchain technology it is built on,” said Pudgy Penguins CEO Luca Netz in an announcement.

Under the hood, Pudgy World will use Matter Labs’ Ethereum layer-2 scaling protocol zkSync, which offers zero-knowledge blockchain technology. Zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs are primarily known for their user privacy perks compared to traditional blockchain transactions on public networks like Ethereum.

While specifics on how exactly Pudgy World will use zkSync have not yet been revealed, Matter Labs SVP of Growth Michael Lee said in a statement that the firm’s ZK tech will “unlock new business models and gaming experiences” for players.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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