Shiba Memu price prediction as presale hits over $1.2 million in a month



Key takeaways

Shiba Memu’s presale has generated more than $1.2 million in its first month.

SHMU’s price is increased daily, with the presale set to last for eight weeks. 

The cryptocurrency market has underperformed this week. Bitcoin has lost more than 2% of its value in the last seven days and is now trading below $30k. At press time, the price of Bitcoin stands at $29,212.

Despite the market’s poor performance, Shiba Memu’s presale has hit a new milestone. The presale has surpassed the $1 million mark in the first month of its presale. 

What is Shiba Memu?

AI has become the rage in the world now. Following the launch of ChatGPT earlier this year, we have seen a number of AI solutions crop up to solve numerous problems within society.

Shiba Memu is a project that is taking advantage of AI and blockchain technology to make it easier for people to create content and market their services. 

According to their whitepaper, Shiba Memu is designed to handle the task of 100 marketing agencies. The Shiba Memu machine is always active and is working 24/7 to find the best work going on in creative advertising, consuming it and generating better content marketing. 

Shiba Memu is launching a meme token thanks to the explosive growth recorded by meme coins in recent years. In 2020, meme coins were practically unknown in the crypto ecosystem but grew to a market cap of over $20 billion within two years. 

However, Shiba Memu could be better than most of the meme coins currently available in the crypto market, thanks to its utility. The team explained that Shiba Memu has self-sufficient marketing capabilities powered by AI technology, making it a unique and attractive investment.

With Shiba Memu, users have a powerful AI that can create its own marketing strategies, write its own PR, and promote itself in relevant forums and social networks. Currently, Shiba Memu is available on the Ethereum and BNBChain blockchains. 

Shiba Memu’s presale tops $1.2M

Shiba Memu is becoming quite popular amongst cryptocurrency investors despite the recent bearish sentiment in the market. 

The presale has been on for less than a month, and the team has raised $1.2 million so far. The development team will use the funds to develop some of its products. 

Most of the funds generated from the presale would be used to develop Shiba Memu’s AI technology. With the Shiba Memu AI technology, the platform can engage with users directly.

The development team added that the platform would have a robotastic dashboard to interact with the AI, provide feedback, make suggestions, and ask questions. 

Click here to find out more about Shiba Memu’s presale event.

Shiba Memu price prediction

It is hard to accurately predict Shiba Memu’s price as the token is still in its presale phase. Currently, 1 SHMU = 0.016300 USDT. 

The team revealed that the Shiba Memu price increases every day at 6 pm GMT. In a few hours, the token will go for 0.016525 USDT. 

SHMU began trading at $0.011125 when the presale began and will trade at $0.0244 when the presale ends. Users can purchase the SHMU token using Ethereum, USDT, BNB and BUSD

Should you invest in Shiba Memu now?

If you are interested in the project, then it is not too late to invest in Shiba Memu. the project’s utility could make it one of the leading meme coins in the world. 

By combing AI and blockchain technology to ease marketing strategies for companies and organisations, Shiba Memu could gain massive adoption in the coming months and years. 

If the project gets the necessary adoption, SHMU, the native token of the Shiba Memu ecosystem, could record massive gains in the medium to long term.

Furthermore, if the broader crypto market enters a bullish cycle, SHMU could emerge as one of the biggest winners. Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are up by more than 40% year-to-date. 

If the market fundamentals improve over the next few months, SHMU could record excellent growth once it starts trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.


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