Solana Labs unveils Solang to enhance Ethereum compatibility



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Solana Labs has unveiled its Solang compiler.

Solang will make it easier for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) developers to transition to the Solana ecosystem.

Solang compiler goes live

Solana Labs has announced the launch of  Solang, a new compiler designed to smooth the transition for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) developers into the Solana ecosystem.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Solana Labs said developers familiar with Solidity can use Solang to write apps on the Solana network. Solidity is Ethereum’s primary smart contract programming language.

This latest cryptocurrency news comes a few hours after Neon EVM’s release of a similar tool. Solang seeks further to bridge the gap between the Solana and Ethereum ecosystems. 

Solang is compatible with Ethereum Solidity V0.8

Solana Labs revealed that Solang has numerous features. One of its core features is that it is compatible with Ethereum Solidity version 0.8.

Other features of Solang include; 

Ability to call other Solana smart contracts

Supports Solana SPL tokens

Supports program-derived addresses

Enables development with Anchor

Builds native Solana smart contracts

Access to native Solana built-in functionality

Solana Labs explained that Solana development had been centered around using languages like Rust or C for scripting smart contracts. However, they added that development was evolving toward greater accessibility via Solidity and EVM.

With Solang, developers can now build on Solana with Solidity, a new compiler that helps bridge the gap between EVM developers and the Solana ecosystem.

SOL, the native coin of the Solana ecosystem, has been performing well so far today. At press time, the price of Solana stands at $26.146, up by more than 2% in the last 24 hours. 


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