Terra founder Do Kwon appeals against extradition to South Korea and the US



Do Kwon appeals his extradition decision.
Kwon’s legal battle began on June 15 with a six-month detention for extradition.
The High Court recently approved requests from South Korea and the United States.

In some breaking crypto news, Terraform Labs co-founder, Do Kwon, has officially lodged an appeal against the recent extradition decision by the Montenegrin High Court.

This move introduces a new layer of uncertainty into the resolution timeline, challenging the Montenegrin Ministry of Justice to make a final decision before the looming deadline of December 15.

Do Kwon legal battle

On December 6, the Montenegrin Court of Appeal confirmed that Do Kwon submitted an appeal, expressing his refusal to accept the court’s decision to extradite him, as reported by local media. This appeal triggers a mandatory reexamination of the extradition ruling, placing the resolution timeline in question.

The legal saga began on June 15 when Kwon was initially detained for extradition for six months, with the Montenegral High Court approving the extradition requests from both South Korea and the United States just two weeks ago. The lack of specification in the decision as to whether Kwon would be extradited to Korea or the United States adds complexity, leaving the final determination to the Montenegrin Minister of Justice.

Despite Kwon’s expressed desire to be extradited to Korea, local observers in Montenegro are sceptical about the chances of overturning the decision. There’s a prevailing belief among Montenegrin officials that Kwon’s continued detention draws undue attention.

What next for Do Kwon?

The Montenegrin Court of Appeal’s forthcoming decision on the extradition appeal will be closely watched, holding the key to Do Kwon’s potential extradition destination—either Korea or the United States.

The appeal introduces uncertainty into the timeline, making it challenging for the Montenegrin Ministry of Justice to finalize a decision before the set deadline of December 15.

The situation remains fluid, and the legal community anxiously anticipates the resolution of this high-profile extradition case.


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