This Fortnite-Like Ethereum Game Is Adding a Doge World


Kabosu, the fluffy Shiba Inu behind the immortal “Doge” meme, has inspired a $28 billion meme coin, a holy pilgrimage, and a bronze statue erected in her Japanese hometown. Now, she’s being honored with perhaps the grandest gesture yet: a sizable chunk of a digital game world.  

Ethereum-based battle royale game OpenSeason has announced that it will soon feature a custom Doge-themed biome—a “realm where every nook and cranny barks the tale of Kabosu, the Doge, our beloved Shiba Inu,” according to a blog post.

The dog-dedicated digital environment for the Fortnite-like PC shooter was crafted in collaboration with Own the Doge, the NFT community that put together a meticulously orchestrated trip to meet Kabosu in Japan, and a “Dogumentary” chronicling the rise of the Doge meme. 

As far as the aesthetic of the Doge biome goes, expect “Tokyo meets Dogelore,” Krypticrooks, OpenSeason’s pseudonymous co-founder, told Decrypt’s GG.

What, exactly, could that mean? Think Godzilla battling a massive Shiba Inu (MegaDoge, we’ve been told she’s called) in a compact Japanese urban environment. 

Doge is hardly the first character from the cryptoverse to grace the digital ecosystems of OpenSeason. The Fortnite-like battle royale shooter features a Pepe-themed amusement park, Bored Apes and Milady avatars; in February, it even whipped up a flaming, wrecked ship labeled “OpenSea” to protest the NFT marketplace’s delisting of its in-game Ethereum NFT passes.

These homages to crypto users aren’t just for fun; rather, Krypticooks says, they’re fundamental to OpenSeason’s business model. 

“We partner with all these cool communities and let them showcase our game, while we bust our ass to make a real good game at the same time,” they said.

OpenSeason’s Doge Biome is set to debut in May. The game is available in early access via the Epic Games Store, but requires a Fractional Uprising Studios NFT membership pass to play. Later this month, the studio plans to release its own crypto token called “FUmoney.”

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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