US House Democratic coalition creates AI working group



Democrats from the United States House of Representatives have formed a working group on artificial intelligence aimed at introducing new legislation around the nascent tech sector.

The 97-member New Democrat Coalition announced its AI working group on Aug. 15, stating it would work with President Joe Biden’s administration, stakeholders and lawmakers from both sides of the political arena to develop “sensible, bipartisan policies to address this emerging technology.”

The group will focus on a range of issues including how best to leverage AI for growth while still ensuring that workers who stand to lose their jobs as a result of AI can remain employed.

Representative Derek Kilmer will serve as chair of the AI working group and told CNBC the primary focus of the working group was to crack down on the spread of misinformation and aired concerns on advanced AI-generated deepfakes becoming increasingly prevalent online.

“There’s real concern about the potential for AI generated disinformation, real concern about misuse of advanced AI models.”

“That’s the type of thing that requires Congress to get smart and get smart fast,” Kilmer added.

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Lawmakers, academics and top tech CEOs have all signaled the need to reign in on the potential dangers raised by AI.

In May, Vice President Kamala Harris, along with Biden’s top advisers, held a meeting with several AI industry CEOs to discuss concerns about the risks associated with AI.

In June, President Biden held a meeting with experts in AI in Silicon Valley to discuss a similar subject.

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Additional reporting by Felix Ng.


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